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Algarve Charter Week ( Our most precious Secret - Not anymore)

Best vacations ever? Much probably.

It takes you, your favorite friends, an amazing sailing boat, the best of selection from the Algarve coastline and an enthusiastic crew ;)

So let´s start!

We are at Portimão marina, boat's ready to sail, fresh water tank is full, clean sheets and towels smelling great, skipper's cabin topped up with candies and cookies, nothing can't go wrong.

Guests arrive, excited faces, kids run to choose the best cabin, all the suitcases and backpacks are loaded onboard. Time to choose the route together, have a nice dinner and prepare for the fun.

Heading East: "instagramic" caves, Stand up Paddle, snorkeling and cliff diving are the most wanted for the first part of the journey, so we sail by Algar Seco, Benagil and Praia da Marinha - wonderful!!

Later at night, we can choose the best nightlife's marinas. Or the most peaceful. It depends on the mood onboard :) Albufeira and Vilamoura are the must go's.

Then... then is time to enter in another world. We call it Ria Formosa, and it´s the ultimate south Portugal's paradise. You can expect endless clear sand dunes, crystal waters, awesome sunsets, the best oysters ever, and even bioluminescence (like magic!) at night.

Culatra's anchorage is the place to be, as we can see by the amount of other sailing yachts around us :) It feels, sounds and smells holidays & happiness here! During the day we take the boat to Armona Island, plenty of desert beaches just for us (it's crazy this being possible, as we are in Algarve at the high season), that's the "Dolce Faire Niente" time, just sit back and relax. At night we come back to Culatra, where we go for a nice seafood dinner onshore.

Meanwhile the group wants to spend one more day here, so we can visit Cacela Velha, a bit of the rural and authentic Algarve.

Returning West, the week is almost done (so fast :/ ).

Early in the morning we have dolphins around us - they love to play with our boat, and we love to film them with our phones :)

Destination is Ponta da Piedade, nearby Lagos! Impressive rocks and singular caves, that's the perfect excuse to put the dinghy back on the water, and go for a "take your time" visit.

Just after that, we still had time to rescue a poor seagull in the middle of the sea, stuck in some abandoned fishing lines...

Job done, and the day doesn't end without some jumps and fun at the inflatable park, Ferragudo bay. Kids will go crazy :P

Finally after a last night onboard, time to say good bye, and see you next summer!

We're sure you'll want to do it again ;)

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