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.Boat Delivery

So today we took a b... bus!

That´s right, a bus to the Algarve, we are going south :)

We need to take a 40 footer back home, and luckily the task is ours! It´s time to double check everything --> the weather, the food, the water,

the safe harbours along our way, the boat´s condition, the crew´s condition and motivation, the snorkel equipment (not just for fun :p ), etc, etc.

If all this items are ready to go, time to sleep! Early morning the engine starts, the mooring lines are taken, and the journey begins!

Ahead we have waves, capes, dolphins, shifting winds, fishing vessels, lunches by the sea, night watches, shooting stars, no rush hours, no cellphone,

just you and the nature...  

Can´t wait!

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